Everything you need to know about Welcome bonuses

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Casino bonuses are exciting incentives that casino operators give to their players. Usually, these perks are made available to players to entice them to keep playing or using the site. Bonuses can be given in different stages as the player continues playing at the online casino because there can be bonus levels. They come in various forms and have certain mechanics before they can be claimed by players. 

One of the most common bonuses you will encounter is the Welcome Bonus. This type of incentive is usually given to players who are using the casino for the first time. When used properly, this incentive can give more funds to players that they can use for casino games

Are you interested to know more about Welcome Bonuses? Here’s everything you need to know about it to get you started.

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is an incentive offered to first-time users in a casino. In this incentive, players can receive a chance to try out different table games and slots without having to spend a single dime or deposit a large amount to play. 

In some casinos, players are required to place an initial deposit in order to claim their bonus, while other operators only require registration. There are two types of welcome bonuses, the first one is no-deposit and the second is Welcome Bonus with Deposit. 

Welcome Bonus No Deposit 

A welcome no deposit bonus is one of the most popular incentives claimed by players. Usually, this type of incentive is hard to find because not all online casinos offer it.  A welcome bonus usually requires your personal details such as email address, contact information, and bank account information. 

After providing your details, your bonus will instantly reflect on your account afterwards. There are two kinds of rewards you can claim in a welcome bonus no deposit: 

  • Cash – Some casinos offer their bonus in cash form. Usually, this small amount can be used for games only and cannot be cashed out. You can receive amounts ranging from 5 to 10 dollars, depending on the casino. 
  • Free games – The free games bonus is usually available for slot games. In most cases, you’ll be given Free Spins on specific slot games such as Book of Dead or Mega Moolah.  

Note that before claiming your welcome deposit, you must fulfil the requirement of the casino you’re using. Since not all casinos are the same, you may encounter different rules and mechanics before getting your bonus. 

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Welcome bonus with deposit  

The Welcome Bonus with Deposit is an exciting incentive that you can claim upon placing your first deposit. Usually, there’s a certain amount of deposit you need to place before getting your perks. 

Unlike the no-deposit bonus, this incentive is more common among casino operators. Before you can claim this, you need to provide your details such as name, account number and account address, and then fulfil the required amount of the casino. Once activated, this bonus can come in the form of cash and free spins. 

One thing you need to note is that when receiving this incentive, this bonus is often deposited in a different account. Make sure that you’re qualified for the deposit because you can’t fully utilise this bonus until you meet the demands of the casino.

Welcome package 

A Welcome package is a rare type of incentive offered to players. This type of bonus can be acquired over a certain period of time. It contains different kinds of bonuses that come together in a single package. You can find match-up, Free Spins, and a no spins deposit bonus. Keep an eye on this bonus because it can give you the opportunity to increase your winnings! 

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Other bonuses you can find in online casinos

Aside from the incentive mentioned above, there are other bonuses that you can find in online casinos. Here are some of the bonuses you can encounter besides the welcome bonuses: 

Sticky Bonuses 

Sticky bonuses are incentives you can find in slot games. This is a rare bonus and doesn’t come often in welcome packages. However when they do, they can increase your chances in landing winning combinations in slot games. You can also receive free bonuses in cash form.

Referral bonuses 

Also known as a friend bonus, this incentive rewards people who invite their friends to play at the casino. This is a rare type of incentive and is not usually offered to players.

Reload Bonus 

Reload bonuses are only available for players who will renew their deposits. It’s also commonly known as a ‘thank you’ incentive for players who use the site. In this incentive, you can receive cash that you can use for playing. Once you place your deposit, this will be automatically matched by the casino up to the amount you entered. In some casinos, this incentive is offered to players that have been playing in the site for a long time.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses are incentives offered on wagers that players placed on a certain schedule or event. This type of incentive comes in the form of cash that you can use again in the casino. For example, some casinos will offer you a cashback bonus that can be added to your wager on a specific day. However, note that the schedule depends on the casino policies. Usually, this type of incentive is offered to players who want to replenish their bankroll.

Loyalty bonus 

The Loyalty bonus is an incentive offered to players who have been playing consistently in a casino. This type of bonus can vary, depending on the operators’ policies. Some can receive bonuses in cash form while others are given Free Spins and deposit bonuses that they can use for playing.

High roller bonus

High roller bonus is also known as VIP bonus. Usually, this type of incentive is offered to players who enjoy placing high stakes. High roller bonuses can vary. In some casinos, they offer exciting perks such as free tickets to sporting events or a reservation in high-class casinos.

Payment specific bonuses 

Incentives given to players using a specific payment gateway is not uncommon. This type of bonus exists so online casinos can encourage players to use certain payment methods that will benefit both them and their users. However, there are payment methods such as e-wallets that are exempted from this type of perk.

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How to claim your welcome bonus 

As mentioned above, there are two types of welcome bonuses you can receive from online casinos. Here are a few steps you can follow to claim them: 

No Deposit Welcome Bonus 

  • Create your account in the casino you want to use. Remember that you don’t have to make a deposit for this incentive. 
  • Input all the information needed such as an address, name, and other details required by the casinos. 
  • Once all the required details have been provided, you can either receive Free Spins or cash that will be credited to your playing account. Remember that you can’t cash this money out of your account. 
  • Before using your bonus, make sure you check the games where you can use them. Some casinos only offer this type of bonus to specific games in their library. 

First Deposit Bonus 

  • Create your player account in the casino then make the required initial deposit. 
  • Check if the site offers any bonus code you can use. Usually, these promos appear as combinations of letters that you need to log in. There are also instances where you can visit the operator’s affiliate to look for the code. Don’t bypass this promo because it can generate exciting incentives for you.
  • Once your account is loaded and you’ve already typed the promo code, you can now check if your deposit has been matched for a bonus. If it’s already been credited, you can now have fun and use it on the games you want to play. However, take note that some casinos only offer a limited number of games where you can utilise this perk. 
  • Additionally, before you proceed with this bonus, identify first if it’s sticky or can be cashed out. If the bonus is sticky, it means you can’t withdraw it from your account. Read the terms and conditions of the casino you’re using to double-check if the bonus has an expiration date because there are incentives that you can only keep in your account for a certain period of time.
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How to take advantage of your casino boni 

Welcome bonuses are exciting incentives that keep players thrilled to play in online casinos. However, there are cases when these perks are not utilised properly and end up getting wasted. If you want to make the most out of your bonuses, here are some tips on how you can maximize them!

Review the wagering requirements

When claiming a casino bonus, you need to check if the incentive you’re applying for has wagering requirements. Usually, there are casino perks that you need to wager several times before they can qualify for cashing out.

In addition, make sure you calculate the wagering requirement before placing a deposit so you can meet the expected amount to claim your bonus.

Read the casino terms and conditions page

When playing in an online casino, you should always read the terms and conditions page because this section will tell you everything you need to know about the wagering requirements and bonuses you can claim. It might look like a boring wall of text, but this page holds all the information you need to know before you start playing. Reading this section might save you from encountering big losses along the way.

Don’t abuse your bonuses 

Online casinos offer bonuses to players so they can have a great time playing. However, casinos do not appreciate people who take advantage of these bonuses. To avoid this from happening, operators put a restriction on the wagering limit. Be wary of this because if you exceed the limit, you can get flagged and labelled as an ‘advantage player’. Once you get branded with this, your winnings and money can be voided.

Play medium to low variance games 

If you’re a slot lover, one way to make the most out of your bonuses is to play medium to low variance slots. You may not take home astounding prizes, but at least you can use your bonuses before they expire.

Know when to decline a bonus from your casino

Just because bonuses are there doesn’t mean you have to claim them all the time. If you think you don’t need it, skip the bonus and just start playing. Check your bonus box and weed out the ones you don’t need.

Check your player status in your online casino 

If you’ve been playing in an online casino for a long time, chances are that you’re qualified to claim bonuses such as Loyalty or VIP bonus. Always track your progress in online casinos because sometimes you can claim exciting perks that can increase your bankroll. For high rollers, the VIP bonus is more likely to be given to you. You can receive incentives such as free tickets and vacation trips from your operator.

Claim your free spins without wagering requirements 

Free Spins are exciting incentives that you can use for slot games. Usually, they come for free and allow you to try out new slots where you can score exciting payouts. If you’re eager to try this, look for Free Spins without wagering requirements because they’re usually offered in some online casinos. Don’t miss the opportunity to take home prizes from this incentive!

Bonuses are exciting perks that you shouldn’t ignore when using an online casino. The best way to maximize these incentives is to do your research and learn how you can use them to increase your chances of taking home large payouts.