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Even before technology was introduced, playing games in traditional land-based casinos was already one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and the wide-spread popularity of casino games became even more prevalent when the internet came into the picture. 

Nowadays, games can be accessed anytime and anywhere with just a click. Moreover, the emergence of high-tech devices made it even more possible for the gambling industry to flourish. 

Now that everything can be done according to people’s convenience, getting carried away with playing and ending up losing more money than they actually intend to is becoming a common occurrence among gamblers. For beginners, the thrill of playing in virtual casinos can be exhilarating, especially when they’re having fun without restrictions. 

If you’re a first-time player in an online casino and you want to maximize your time playing without incurring huge losses, here’s an extensive list of tipps and tricks that you can incorporate into your gameplay:

Check out the site you’re using before playing 

The internet is teeming with online casino sites but this doesn’t mean that you’ll always have a good time. Remember, not all online casinos are reliable. If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy playing without worries, find a site that offers good bonuses, accessible payment methods, and competitive bonuses. Additionally, review the games they offer to make sure that you’ll have a wide array of choices that you can select from.

Make sure the site you’re using is legal and has a permit 

One of the most important things you should consider when choosing an online casino is the permit. Before playing, make sure that the site you’re using has a permit from regulators. This ensures that the games are tested and provably fair from fraud and rigging. 

Here are some of the regulators you can check: 

  • The Danish Gaming Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Netherlands Gaming Authority
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Government of Gibraltar, Gaming Division
  • United Kingdom Gaming Commission
  • Hellenic Gaming Commission.
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Use a reliable payment method 

When playing in online casinos, you will have to do a lot of transactions such as depositing and withdrawing funds. To make sure you can transfer seamlessly, use a payment method accredited by the bank you’re using. Aside from bank transfers, you can also try methods such as wiring money, cryptocurrency, and prepaid cards. However, you should note that not all of these are accepted by banks, so make sure to check which payment process suits your needs best. 

If you want easy access and seamless exchange, cryptocurrency is your best friend. Since it’s not controlled by a central authority, you can transfer funds in an efficient and cost-effective way.  

Budget your bankroll wisely 

Online gambling can be overwhelming, especially if you’re enjoying yourself and taking home big bucks. If you want to play for a long tie, learning how to budget your bank roll is a must as wagering without thinking things through can result in big losses. 

Remember that gambling is a game of chance, and even if you have a winning streak, that doesn’t mean you’ll win all the time. For your budget, make sure you streamline all your finances into a bankroll that will roll out on schedule. You can do this daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly, depending on your preference. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and stick to your budget plan.  

Play games with smaller jackpots 

When you’re playing in online casinos, stick to games with smaller jackpot prizes wherein your chances of winning is higher compared to playing games with high jackpots. The reason behind this is that the game’s design has low variance. 

While this is an effective strategy to score some money, don’t restrict yourself from playing high jackpot games. You’ll never know when lady luck will kiss you with her blessings! 

Place smaller bets 

While placing high stakes can give you exciting perks from your casino, placing small wagers can also offer a few benefits. You don’t have to break your account just to enjoy yourself. Remember, the faster you drain your bankroll, the sooner you will have to stop gambling.

When playing, try to stretch out your finances by choosing games with smaller bets. While the thrill is slow, once it builds up, your momentum will be twice as exciting! Additionally, you get to familiarise yourself with games and techniques that can help you improve your gameplay. 

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Read the terms and conditions page

Most people bypass this part, but reading the terms and conditions page is an important step you shouldn’t skip. Usually, this section of the casino site holds all the information you need to know such as wagering requirements, policies, and perks for different types of bonuses you’re qualified for. 

This part may seem like a boring wall of text, but you can find vital information here that can help you avoid blunders you may encounter along the way. 

Don’t stick to one online casino 

When you’re online gambling, it’s best to look for different sites that you can play on. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to one casino, there are other sites that offer different games, bonuses, perks and other features that can enhance your gameplay. 

To find the perfect site for you, you need to do your research and try out different casinos that will fit your playing preferences. You’ll never know when you’ll find a site that’s better than the one you’re currently using. 

Try out different gaming strategies 

When playing table games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat, there are different strategies you can apply to increase your odds of winning. While you don’t need to be an expert, having basic skills can significantly improve your experience and chances of beating the house. 

You can learn table game techniques when you read articles and watch expert videos to help you have a better understanding of strategies. If you want to have the first-hand experience and create tactics of your own, you can do so by trying out the Free Demo version of games. However, take note that not all online casinos offer free play versions of their games. 

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Don’t settle for high variance slots

As mentioned above, settling for high variance slots is not recommended. Just because the slot has high volatility doesn’t mean it can ensure big rewards. Remember, your chances of winning in slots depend on the number of lines you wager on, not on the RTP of the game. 

Maximize your casino bonuses 

Playing in online casinos gives you the chance to acquire exciting perks such as Welcome, Respins, and Loyalty bonuses. Be on the lookout for these incentives because they can increase your funds for playing. 

For example, some casinos offer bonuses such as Free Spins for slot games. Don’t miss this opportunity because usually this allows you to play slot games without having to spend a single dime or wagering a lot and gives you the chance to take home exciting payouts. 

Never chase your losses 

Online gambling is a game of chance, which means you’ll never know what will happen next. If you’re experiencing a losing streak while playing, it’s never a good idea to chase after your losses. The best thing to do when you’re in a situation like this is to give your bankroll a chance to recover. Don’t push it because you might suffer more losses. 

Do your research 

Online gambling may be for entertainment purposes only but you need to research if you want to get ahead of the game. While you don’t need to become an expert in every table game and gambling concepts, you have to equip yourself with enough knowledge so you can play confidently without worrying about losing your wagers.

Tips in playing online casino games

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Don’t be afraid to fold 

Playing poker can be a little intimidating especially if you’re a beginner playing with seasoned players. Things can be a little scary, but don’t be afraid to be the underdog in the table. If you think you have a weak hand and can’t bluff properly, you can fold. However, don’t make this a habit as it will lessen your chances at winning in poker. 

Learn the basic poker lingo 

Out of all the table games, poker has the most terminologies you need to understand. Before becoming a poker virtuoso, you need to know the terminologies of the game to help you understand the concepts and actions you need to make. Additionally, having a good grasp of poker words can give you an extra boost of confidence to bluff your way into winning. 

Bluff effectively and naturally

The key to crushing poker is to bluff naturally and effectively. When you’re sitting at the poker table, make sure that you learn how to analyse your opponents’ body language and actions. By doing this, you can bluff your way into winning in poker. Even if you have a weak hand, bluffing can give you an edge over your rivals if done naturally.

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Keep playing until the banker loses

In baccarat, make sure to maximize the banker side until it loses. If your banker bet goes on a streak, maximize it and bet. However, while this strategy is proven effective, don’t overdo it. Just be wary and mindful when using this strategy so you don’t experience bigger losses.



Know the actions you can use in blackjack 

When playing Blackjack, one of the most important strategies is to simply learn the basic actions and when to use them. Winning in Blackjack takes time and you need to know the right timing before you strike. The basic strategies you can use are Stand, Hit, Double, Split, and Surrender. Mastering how to use these can significantly increase your chances of winning. 

Learn to split aces and eights 

When you refer to Blackjack sheets, you can see that splitting eights and aces are encouraged. It may seem a little risky to split up your eights, but this technique will almost always give you a higher advantage.  

Always opt to stand when you think your hand is weak

If you think the hand you have is weak and will bust against the dealer’s, always opt to stand, especially if the dealer has four, five, and six face-up cards. Don’t push it because you can end up losing more than you can win.



Surrender vs En Prison

When playing Roulette, you should know that the terms ‘surrender’ and ‘En prison’ have the same meaning. Surrendering in roulette means that you can receive half the bet you wagered if you lost. Meanwhile, En prison also works the same way by lowering the house edge in half. The only difference is that it keeps the ‘even money’ wagers until the next spin begins.

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Slot games 

Wager the maximum 

Your chances of winning high payouts are high when you wager the maximum amount. While you can also win decent payouts when wagering the minimum, high wagers are the key to taking home staggering jackpot prizes. However, this is not recommended for first-time players. 

Test the games you’re playing 

Playing slot games isn’t just about spinning. Before you play a game, make sure you understand the game mechanics and game features that you encounter. Usually, this can give you a heads up of what to expect before playing. 

Learn when to stop 

Playing slot games can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re getting winning streaks. However, don’t overdo it because you can end up losing more money. The key to enjoying slots is to be a relaxed player and give yourself and your bankroll a chance to recover. 

Playing in online casinos is exciting. However, before you venture into playing for real money, make sure you’re ready and knowledgeable about the things you can encounter.