Casino slot 101: Everything you need to know

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A huge portion of casino goers both online and in land casinos revel in the thrill brought by slot games. With its easy gameplay, irresistible charm and eye-catching visuals, it’s no mystery why casino slot machines only become more popular as the years pass by. 

Now, you don’t have to go out of your way to play slot machines. With the rise in popularity of online casinos, you can play slot games wherever you are and whenever you want! Regardless how you like your game served whether, in video form or mechanical machines, the thrill brought by spinning reels remains the same. Learn all about slots and the top casino slot games you can discover today here at Slots Freispele!

How slot machines work

Back then, slot machines of old were composed of 3 metal reels that spin when triggered by inserting a coin. On each reel, 10 symbols of fruits, stars, golden bells and lucky 7s were plastered. If the reels reveal 3 exact symbols on a line once they stop, the players win credits that they can exchange for cigars or booze. With its tantalizing promise of instant rewards, it’s easy to see why the slot machine became an instant hit among saloon guests.

This same principle still applies today but with the use of modern technology, this simple gameplay has been enhanced. Additional features such as bonuses, graphics and bigger prizes have been added to spice up the player’s gaming experience.

Today, computer algorithms determine which symbols will appear on the reels once they stop. There are no longer any mechanical reels that leave the player’s fate to the hands of gravity. Instead, a tiny chip controls the result of each and every spin. 

At the heart of a slot machine lies a random number generator that generates thousands of numbers at high speed. These numbers represent the game’s symbols. The moment you press the spin button, the program generates a random sequence of numbers that corresponds to the symbols in the game. The symbols are then what you see on the screen, revealing which ones land on a winning payline.

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Components of a slot machine

Slots are composed of four main parts: the reels, symbols, paylines and the random number generator or RNG. 

The reels are the columns that spin as instructed by the code. On these columns, you’ll find the symbols representing the payouts and the paylines indicating the winning combinations. What holds all these components together is the RNG. Without it, the reels can’t move and you can’t play and win any money. The RNG sends the coded signals to these components so you can start playing and collecting wins.

Winning in casino slots

To win in a slot game, all you need is luck on your side. Unlike strategic table games such as poker and blackjack, there’s no sure way of winning in slots. Instead of card values and player decisions determining the game’s outcome, computer algorithms decide winning combinations in slot games and there’s no way to rig these outcomes.

These algorithms come up with numerical sequences that are impossible to predict. So if you want to get the most out of your slot gaming session, you just have to be wise with your bets and pray lady luck sides with you before your bankroll starts weeping.

Online slots vs land casino slots

Though the gameplay is the same, there are a few differences that separate slot games in online casinos from those you can play in brick and mortar casinos. Slots on online casinos have their own advantages which makes them a step above their predecessor. But on the other hand, slot machines in land casinos have redeeming qualities that prove they can still compete with their younger yet more advanced counterparts. 

Bearing those in mind, here are some advantages that differentiate online slots from slot machines in land casinos.

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Advantages of online casino slot games

Readily available information

On online casinos, information about the game you’re playing can be read immediately. By reading important slot details such as the Return to Player or RTP percentage, volatility and maximum win, you are more informed about the game you’re playing. This way, you know what you’re heading into before placing a bet and you can make better decisions

Higher RTPs

Compared to slot games in land casinos, video slots on online casinos have higher RTPs. Presented as a percentage, the Return to Player reveals how much of the total bet placed by the player will eventually return over a long period of time. It’s an indicator people rely on to know their chances of winning. Another way of understanding RTP is by thinking of it as the player’s edge.

The RTP is determined by gaming companies who create slot games after conducting a test play with a million spins or even more. Though theoretical at best, the percentage still indicates how high your chances are of landing wins. Online slots usually have an RTP that ranges from 94% to 95%. Compared to the 85% average RTP of slot games in land casinos, this is considerably larger.

Slot bonuses and promotions

When it comes to bonuses, online slot players have it better than those who play in land casinos. Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses paired with free spins and fair conditions such as a low deposit minimum and wagering requirements. 

This gives slot enthusiasts the boost they need to explore a site’s slot catalogue without spending their own money. To make it even better, players get to keep whatever they win in their bankroll. These bonuses usually come with wagering requirements which dictate the conditions a player must meet first before they can withdraw their winnings. 

These promotions are commonly offered to draw new players in but are not exclusive to new bettors. Existing players also get to enjoy these slot bonuses. To keep their player base on their toes, online casinos often come up with weekly or monthly free spins promotions for a specific slot or gaming provider. 

Play wherever and whenever you want without waiting

In brick and mortar casinos, only one player can play at a time for a specific machine. This is no problem for online casinos. Since the games are played directly from the servers of the gaming provider, numerous players can play the same game at the same time without experiencing any delay. 

Additionally, online slot games also offer the convenience of accessibility. As long as you have a mobile device and Internet connection, you can play online games wherever you are and whenever you want. Various deposit and withdrawal options are available on online casinos to accommodate your demands.

Free demo

One of the best things about online slot games is that you can try them all for free first before playing for real. There’s no commitment to whatever game you’re playing since you can jump into another game in just a matter of seconds if you don’t like its features and visual design. 

On online casinos, the whole slot catalogue is your oyster and the free demo version is a never-ending buffet. No matter how many titles you try, you won’t run out of dummy credits to spend. Once you’ve chosen your preferred slot game, switching from free to real play is as easy as toggling a switch. Get the most out of your gaming experience by putting slot games to the test!

However, not all online casino sites offer free demos. So make sure you include that in your checklist when searching for the perfect casino where you can play slots.

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Advantages of slot machines in brick and mortar casinos

As classic as it gets

Even with all their advanced innovations, online slots still lack the physical component players get when playing real slot machines. Though the majority of slot machines are now electronic, there are still mechanical machines with the famous lever that punters can play

Pressing the spin button on an online slot cannot compare to physically pulling a slot machine’s lever. Classic slot machines earned the name ‘one-armed bandit’ because it robbed players of their money with its lever that players pulled to make the reels spin. This is what gives the player the so-called authentic experience you won’t get in online slot games.

Offers the complete casino experience

Not all players choose a slot game with hopes of winning massive prizes. Most of the time, they choose to slot in a dime for the irreplaceable experience. Slot machines in casinos deliver a whole different experience compared to their online counterparts. Not only does the slot’s physical aspect contribute to this, but so does the casino’s atmosphere you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Nothing compares to the exuberant energy you’ll feel on the casino’s gaming floor. With blinding lights, the auspicious aura in the air and the electric excitement coming from other players, you’ll be driven to keep playing and trying your luck again and again. 

Loads of complimentary bonuses from the casino

If online casinos have bonuses and promotions to attract slot players, land casinos have loads of complimentary items and services players can enjoy during their stay at the casino. There’s always an unlimited flow of free drinks on the gaming floor and you can also receive tickets to shows or room reservations if you bet larger and stay longer.  

Top online casino slot games you need to play

Gaming providers consistently deliver top-notch slots enjoyed by players all over the world. But among the numerous slot game titles available online, a few stand out among the rest. Below are some of the most popular slot games enjoyed by German players online.

Book Of Dead 1

Book of Dead – Play’n GO

Travel to Egypt with renowned Egyptologist Rich Wilde in search of the legendary text in Book of Dead! Play’n GO’s classic Egyptian and treasure hunt-themed game has become one of the most sought after games. With its fantastic features and a huge jackpot of 250,000 coins, it’s not hard to see why. The game’s visual design takes you on an extraordinary adventure you will never forget. Featuring rich graphics, immersive sound effects and rewarding bonuses, you won’t run out of surprises to look forward to in every spin.

Starburst Demo 1

Starburst – NetEnt

Hop on a spaceship and explore everything the universe has to offer in Starburst! NetEnt’s cosmic-themed slot game has set the standard for others to follow. Launched in 2013, Starburst has cemented itself as a household name and it still ranks as one of the most played games up to this day. With Expanding Wilds, respins and paylines that pay both ways, players go back to this game to experience the rewarding thrill it delivers in every spin and try their luck in scoring the mega jackpot worth 50,000x.

Wolf Gold Free Slots

Wolf Gold – Pragmatic Play

A sensational hit in every casino it is offered, Pragmatic Play’s Wolf Gold takes you on a whirlwind journey in North America where wild animals guide you towards buried treasures. With three jackpots to score and rewarding features to unlock, there’s always a surprise worth chasing after in every spin. Meet the beasts of the canyon and let them lead you towards rewarding troves where prizes worth 5,000x your wager can be found.


Bonanza – Big Time Gaming

When Big Time Gaming released Bonanza in 2016, it became an instant hit, not for its jackpot or features but because of its game-changing Megaways game engine. In this groundbreaking game format, each of the 5 reels can reveal up to 7 symbols and you can score wins by landing at least 3 matching symbols on adjacent reels regardless of their size and position on the reel.

Additionally, there’s also a horizontal reel above the reels which carries extra symbols. Bonanza got rid of the paylines and crushed the rigid reel format with its revolutionary game engine. Because of the ever-changing reels, the number of ways to win differs per spin, with the maximum number reaching 117,649 ways.

Spanish Gonzo S Quest Slot

Gonzo’s Quest – NetEnt

The Spanish conquistador has long been recognized as NetEnt’s mascot since it was released in 2013. Gonzo’s Quest offers a new kind of gameplay where winning symbols are removed from the reels to give way for new symbols, giving you more chances of winning in just one spin. Players still go back to this classic game not just to experience its thrilling and rewarding gameplay but also to get a shot in winning its jackpot worth 3,750x your wager.