Online casino basics: All you need to know about casino boni

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Brick and mortar casinos offer first-hand experience in playing for and winning big bucks from casino games that are packed with action, fun, and fortune. Be that as it may, it can be such a chore to be able to enter one due to their rules and requirements.

That is why online casinos are quickly rising to popularity among casino players not only for their convenience but also other features that land-based casinos do not have. One of the most unique offers of online casinos is their wide range of boni.

Casino boni are an ingenious hallmark of the trailblazing experience you can get from online casinos. Here at Slots Freispele, you can have a one of a kind recreational activity right at your fingertips. 

Make sure you get maximum entertainment by learning the basics of online casinos and taking advantage of their features. Find out more all about it here at Slots Freispele!

What are casino boni?

In the most basic terms, boni are the freebies you can get in an online casino. It can range from free spins for slot games to a set amount of cash, on-site currency or casino credits. Casino boni are advantageous perks and extras offered to players so they can have the best time playing in an online casino. 

Whether it is signing up for an account, making a deposit or taking part in an ongoing site promotion, you can get casino boni almost every time you log in on an online casino. Both new and existing players can enjoy these free offers in exchange for their loyalty to an online casino site. 

Moreover, you have the choice to claim the offered boni or not. Aside from the benefits you can get from them, casino boni have terms and conditions you can look over to understand the mechanics of acquiring them. 

At times, casino boni is a crucial aspect for players in choosing the online casinos they want to play in. Most online casinos have similar provisions and rules for their boni. However, there can also be exceptions that make some casino boni more worth it than others.

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How do casino boni work?

Online casinos offer boni to make things more interesting for gamblers and keep them playing casino games on their platform. They are a popular type of user-attraction method linked to a set of terms and conditions.

From their specifications and constraints, you can get free merits. An example of boni you can get on an online casino is the match bonus wherein you get extra cash when you make a deposit at a certain site. They will match your total deposit at a given rate. 

For example, an online casino can offer you a 100% match bonus for a deposit worth up to 200 EUR. This means that you will be rewarded with 100% in free money on any deposit amount you make at a 200 EUR limit. Therefore, if you deposit 100 euros, you will be given another 100 euros in bonus money for a total bankroll of 200 EUR!

Some casino boni are usually offered to new players who make an account or place their first deposit at an online casino. Meanwhile, existing players can receive boni through site promotions and even loyalty programs.

To take advantage of the casino boni offered to you, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions attached to them. You can get the best casino boni and other offers here at Slots Freispele!

Types of boni you can get from an online casino

With the fast-growing acclaim of online casinos in the entertainment sector, there is no doubt that their exclusive collection of features and offers also continue to grow and innovate the casino gaming experience. 

Take advantage of a wide range of casino boni to elevate your entertainment to the next level. Here are some of the types of boni you can get from an online casino:

Casino Welcome Boni

It is one of the most common casino boni offered to prospective players. You can claim it by simply signing up for an account at the online casino site. The welcome boni will be automatically added to your bankroll after your account is approved.

Casino welcome boni can only be availed by a player who has not yet registered to the site before. The amount you can get from this bonus is typically shown on the bonus and promotions page of the online casino. Sometimes, it is based on the total deposit you make after signing up, ranging between 50% to 200% match up.

Cashback boni

It is a useful casino boni offered by online casinos to pledge to their players that they can get some of their money back if they lose it while playing in any of their featured games. The amount of bonus you can claim from it is based on how much cash you have lost from betting on a casino game. 

Most of the time, the cashback boni given to players are in the form of bonus credits on their site. Likewise, other online casinos grant their players with straight-up cash payments. This allows them to keep on playing without having to deposit more funds to their accounts.

Casino No Deposit Boni

It is an exciting casino bonus offered by most online casinos. As soon as a player signs up to the online casino site, a welcome bonus will instantly be added to their account. However, unlike casino welcome boni, you do not have to make any kind of deposit to receive it. 

Casino no deposit boni can be used to play the games featured on the site without having to commit financially to their platform. Some online casinos also allow players to withdraw this type of bonus depending on their set of rules. 

Be that as it may, restrictions are applied wherein you should meet some betting requirements before being cleared to withdraw this bonus. Most of the time, you will need to spend at least 30 times the amount of your earnings in other bets before you can get the payouts you won.

Free Spins Boni

It is another popular casino boni you can enjoy. Compared to most casino boni, free spins boni does not give you a determined amount or percentage of cash. Instead, it rewards you with the chance to play and win real money with a certain slot game featured on the site without spending a dime.

Since video slot games are one of the most played games in online casinos, players can take advantage of free spins boni and rack up payouts with no strings attached. In most cases, you can claim free spins boni after making your first deposit at an online casino. Some online casinos offer players 10 or 20 free spins in this type of bonus.

Moreover, depending on the profit you make from these boni, online casinos may require you to spend a defined amount of money from your bankroll before being able to withdraw the prizes you won from it.

Casino loyalty boni

It is one of the most thrilling casino boni you can get from the loyalty or VIP programs offered at online casinos. Most of the time, online casinos hold special promos and contests for their players who have been site users for a long time. 

Casino loyalty boni are considered the most beneficial type of bonus you can claim. Moreover, it offers a vast array of rewards you can anticipate from different site events.

The casino loyalty boni you can enjoy may range from:

  • casino credits,
  • exclusive perks, and even 
  • special prizes such as: 
    • a paid holiday trip, 
    • round-trip plane tickets, 
    • free hotel accommodations, 
    • gadgets and many more!

To be qualified in claiming casino loyalty boni, you might need to be a part of a certain online casino for a specific period of time. This can range from a few months to over a year depending on the rules of the loyalty program. Some programs might require you to make bets for a fixed amount of money as well.

Weekly or Monthly Reload Boni

It is a type of bonus that is similar to match boni which means they can be granted in the form of cash or casino game credits in exchange for regular play. Some of the most common reload boni you can get are no deposit boni and free spins.

Weekly or monthly reload boni sometimes go unnoticed because they are not usually promoted on the online casino site. Instead, these exclusive offers are announced through email newsletters or account notifications. 

That is why you should make sure that you are included in the mailing list of your favourite online casino. With this, you will always be up to date with their hottest promos, updates and offers.

High Roller Casino Boni

It is a substantial casino bonus that is perfect for high roller players. If loyalty boni are granted to players for their regular play, high roller casino boni are given to those who make large deposits.

With huge amounts of deposits, this type of casino boni is known to exceed thousands of euros and may come in the form of a 50% match up bonus. This means that if you make a deposit of 2,000 EUR, you will receive an extra 1,000 EUR. There can also be other bonus rewards such as special services and exclusive prizes such as gadgets and even paid trips.

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Are casino boni worth it?

Whether you are a new member or an existing player, everyone can enjoy the perks of casino boni. However, you still have to consider your personal preferences and gameplay as well as your bankroll in claiming casino boni. 

Before going in to claim prizes, you must read the terms and conditions of these casino boni. This allows you to take full advantage of the best boni and offers in online casinos. Always look for the betting requirements and their other rules to thoroughly enjoy the prizes offered. 

Casino boni are a fun incentive to play more at an online casino. Each online casino offers different kinds of boni that come with their own set of guidelines in wagering and withdrawing. Weigh out your choices and play at an online casino with the best casino boni that perfectly suits your gameplay. 

If you are a smart casino player, casino boni gives you a bigger chance to rack up more prizes every time you play at a certain online casino site. Still unsure if you want to get the casino boni offered to you? The best way to know if a casino bonus is worth it is to compute how much money you can make based on the house edge.

All you have to do is multiply the house edge by the amount you wagered. With this formula, you can get an expected amount of profit in every casino game you play. Therefore, it is best to choose a casino game bonus that has a low house edge before fully committing to it. 

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Feel like a VIP with different casino boni!

Aside from giving you a reason to stay and continue playing at the same site, casino boni can help you avoid losing money with exclusive rewards and offers. It also allows you to feel special and appreciated whenever you log in on an online casino.

There is no better way to enjoy your casino gaming experience more than getting exciting prizes for simply playing at an online casino. Here at Slots Freispele, you can enjoy a wide range of casino boni to take your online casino experience to the next level!